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NWPC: Valindra’s Tower Guide – Valindra

Most of Valindra’s Tower is pretty simple, at least in my opinion, but I think the last boss, Valindra, does warrant an explanation. She has a few major abilities that I am going to cover in here; her ground shadow fire AoE, the soul puppet/rotating red lines of death, spawning caskets/adds, her grasp ability, and her large proximity AoE. These might not make sense to you right now (I don’t know the abilities technical names), but I will go into each of them separately to explain what I’m talking about.

  • Ground Shadow Fire
    • She usually casts this ability very soon after you start the encounter
    • A medium sized red AoE will spawn on the ground
    • It looks a bit like black fire
    • Standing in this will do a decent amount of damage, but luckily it’s super easy to just move out of it
  • Soul Puppets/Rotating Red Lines
    • Valindra teleports to the center of the room and is immune to damage
    • At this point you should run away to the edge of the room and wait to see where the soul puppets (they look like shadowy ghosts/reapers for those of you who don’t play SW) and the red lines spawn
    • The red lines rotate clockwise in random locations
    • Your goal is too keep in the clear area between the red lines and simultaneously not let the soul puppets catch you
    • STAYING OUT OF RED IS MORE IMPORTANT since the red lines will one shot pretty much anyone who isn’t a tank
    • It’s okay if you have to turn around and run the opposite direction, just try to keep an eye out for the location of your other teammates because you don’t want to have too many soul puppets in one area; that pretty much guarantees someone will be hit by them, and multiple of these guys can result in a painful death
    • It’s also a good strategy to move closer to the center of the room, as long as you are not in the red; if you have good movement ability you can even sometimes run across the center after the red lines pulse
    • The ‘pulse’ I am referring to is Valindra ‘casting’ the damaging ability, and after you see this cast it is safe to move even if your screen is still showing red lines on the ground
  • Spawning Caskets/Adds
    • After awhile Valindra will spawn multiple Caskets around the room
    • If you can, it is preferable that you go over to these and destroy them by simply clicking them
    • You don’t HAVE to destroy them, but if you do that means less adds to worry about because every intact Casket will spawn an Add
    • These Adds do a decent amount of damage, and if you are being chased by them, try to stay close to the boss; I will explain why in the next section
  • Proximity AoE
    • This is the AoE that Valindra casts in a circle around herself, knocking back and damaging anyone standing within it
    • HOWEVER you can use this ability to kill the Adds spawned from Caskets!
    • This is one of the rare times that running into the red is actually a good thing
    • Your healer should be prepared to heal/shield the team for this part of the fight, but if not try to use whatever survival abilities you have if you find yourself low on HP

I hope this makes sense and helps you next time you fight Valindra!

*Screenshots coming soon*

Happy gaming,



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