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NWPC: Guide to Epic Grey Wolf Den – Ethraniev Marrowslake (Last Boss)

This guide is to help explain the last boss in Epic Grey Wolf Den (Marrowslake). I see groups have many wipes on this boss due to not understanding mechanics, but really it’s actually pretty simple. There are really only a few key things you need to know about this boss!

The first main ability will be when she spawns large red aoes on the ground, which big hands will pop out of and smack you in the face. These hurt! Alot! At one point she will spawn numerous of these. As a healer (ACDC), this is when I drop my shields (Divine Armor, Astral Shield or both) to help protect people who get caught in the red. After she casts the large AoE, she goes immune to damage and transforms into a werewolf. This phase should be fairly obvious, but if you can’t see that she is a wolf, she will also be surrounded by a red bubble. STOP DPS ON THE BOSS and switch to adds. A small red wolf will spawn while she is in this phase. You must kill this wolf next to the boss to break her immunity! You must kill this wolf pretty much right next to the boss for it to break her immunity. ADDS SHOULD BE PRIORITY, especially when she is immune since attacking her would be pointless at that time. 

So, in summary:

  1. Watch for red AoE on ground
  2. Kill adds
  3. Kill small wolf near boss when she is immune
  4. Win 

Happy Gaming,



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