Neverwinter 101: Beginner’s Guide

Just starting out in Neverwinter? Need a little help figuring out where to start? Lucky for you, I’ve put together a small, easy to follow beginners guide to Neverwinter!

Basic combat

1. Use mouse to aim cursor at enemy. The white circle will turn red when you have an enemy locked. Holding the left click or right click mouse button will cast your at-will ability without pause between attacks. Neverwinter will automatically follow your target after you begin attacking, allowing you to concentrate on your rotation rather than keeping track of the enemy. However, this also means that if you wish to switch targets in a large group of enemies you must pause your attacks and make sure you are aiming at the correct target.

2. Encounter abilities will be your main attacks bound to the E, Q and R keys. These abilities are trained and enhanced in your character tab (C button) under “Powers”. You will notice that Encounter abilities are red, making it easy to keep track of them. You will also notice that these Encounters may different effects or enhancements, (depending on class and Paragon Path) which I will explain later.

3. Class Features are also listed under the Power tab of your character screen. They are yellow, allowing you to easily tell them apart from Encounters and Daily abilities; which are orange. These Features are passive abilities that you will see as small icons to the left of your Action Power bar. You can have two of these Features active at one time.

4. Action Power is a resource which is accumulated by using your at-will abilities. You will find this resource just above your Encounter action bar, between your Daily abilities (1 and 2). Once the bar fills to the top, you can then cast one Daily, draining the bar and starting the process over again. As I mentioned before, Daily abilities can be found under Power tab of your character screen, and will be identified by their orange color.

5. Evasive abilities, as I call them, are the abilities that are unique to each class, and usable by pressing the Shift key. For some classes this will cause you to sprint, dodge, block, etc. To use this ability, you must have enough Stamina, which is kept track of in a tiny narrow bar directly above your Action Power. You will notice the bar goes down each time you use Shift until it is empty, at which point you can no longer use that ability.

6. Class Mechanic ability is the ability that is also class specific. This ability can is used by pressing the Tab key. You can see this ability to the left of your Encounter bar. I mentioned earlier in Encounter section that for certain classes, some Encounter abilies have different effects listed; Tab is how you change from the normal attack to the enhanced ability version. You will notice while fighting there will be a narrow bar to the left of your character that has a symbol or symbols (varies based on class) as well. This bar slowly fills as you fight. For example, Devoted Cleric Mechanic bar fills a little each time you cast an At Will ability. Once Mechanic bar is full, pressing Tab will change your Encounter abilities to have additional effects. You can cast about three Encounters (if you have a full bar) before this effect ends. Sometimes At Will abilities will also be changed when channeling this mechanic. Every class has a unique class Mechanic ability with different ways of filling the bar.

7. For some classes, you will get yet another version of your Encounters that you use immediately after emptying your Mechanic bar. For example with Devoted Cleric; if you waited until you have a full bar for your Mechanic before using it; immediately after the Mechanic has ended, you will see “Fully Empowered” flash on your screen. This is where the third effect listed on the our Encounter abilities comes into play. Using Encounters while Empowered will cause them to have additional effects or enhancements and will consume all stacks of Empowered (total of 3 stacks for Devoted Cleric). My advice is to carefully read your Encounters and choose which ability to use while fully Empowered very carefully, taking into consideration the effect of that ability based on the combat situation (ie large mob, single boss, group situation/health).

I hope these tips help you in your adventures in Neverwinter!

*Class guides coming soon*


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