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NWPC: Double Refinement Event

This weekend is double Refinement Points (RP)! You know what that means? Time to get those Artifacts and Artifact Equipment ranked up!! The best way to take advantage of this event is to have saved up some refining stones and feeders before the event. But, if you’re like me and didn’t realize the event was coming up and spent all your RP all ready, never fear! It’s really not too hard to get RP, as you can get Refining Stones from damn near anywhere as well as feeder refinement gear. You should remember, to get the best results when farming RP stuff from killing mobs you should have Dragon’s Hoard Enchantments in all of your Utility slots on all of your gear. It also is helpful if you can get your hands on a mount with Wanderer’s Fortune (such as the Siegebreaker Griffon). One of the places I like to go for good RP is the Dread Ring. The dailies in this area are rather easy and they reward Refinement Stones and Marks for completing them! Keeping in mind that you can use Rank 5+ Enchantments for a decent amount of RP, you can also farm Enchantments for RP by doing Private solos of low level dungeons such as Cloak Tower, plus this will give you green feeder gear for RP (even though they really don’t give very much, now is the time to use them as feeders since it’s double RP). Just from one day of Dread Ring and some Elemental Evil Campaign, I have already got two of my Artifacts to Epic. This event lasts all weekend, so I look forward to Ranking up several of my Artifact Gear as well!

Happy Gaming,



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