Neverwinter Online (PC) · NWO: Events

 NWPC: Double XP Event 9/21-9/25 

I used rank 5 Azure Enchantments as well as rare Enlightened Insignia of Prosperity in every available slot. I bought cheap mounts either from vendor or AH that had Enlightened slots. My guild also just got it’s first XP boon.

Day 1

Leveled my Oathbound Paladin from 58 to 68. Took it slow, I had a lot of house stuff to do today so I took a lot of breaks. Did mostly Illusionist’s Gambet until 66, then went and did Vault of Nine and some Underdark quests. Protection is much easier for questing than Devotion. Also leveled my Gaurdian Fighter from 17 to 20 so he would be ready for spamming Skirmishes as soon as OP hits 70.

Day 2

Had busy day today, but managed to get in quite a bit of game time. Leveled my OP to 70 doing Mantol-Derith quests then got my GF from 20 to 39 spamming bronze IG. Hopefully tomorrow I will get him to 60 🙂

Day 3

Got my GF to 62 doing IG bronze 😀 Did Vault of the Nine quest for Artifact. Definently figuring out this whole tanking business 😛 Liking it so far but OP is more… well op lol 

Day 4

Family day so didn’t do much gaming. Only did a few quests on GF and got to 63. Spent awhile making a DPS loadout. Enjoying it a lot so far, it does an amazing job destroying mobs and end quest bosses. I’m very curious to see how well it does as DPS at 70. 


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