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NWPC: How to Heal Orcus (Castle Never) As DC (AC)

After a few completions of Castle Never, I believe I have discovered the secret to world peace and eternal life… just kidding… but I have found a pretty awesome rotation to use while healing on my Anointed Champion Devoted Cleric!

I decided to focus on the last boss; Orcus. On this boss it is absolutely essential that you have a tank that can hold aggro. One mishap can result in the boss deciding to randomly turn around and slap you or a dps in the face, which usually results in death or massive damage for non-tanks. The healer’s job on this boss is fairly simple; stand behind the boss, don’t let people get one shot by his super ability cast, and run from the evil green balls of poison (no one likes green balls).

If you have a competent group of players, this fight is actually pretty low on healing. The Encounters I like to use are Divine Glow (DG), Bastion of Health (BoH), and Forgemaster’s Flame (FF) or Break the Spirit (BTS). In some cases I even drop BoH and use Chains or some other DPS/Buff. That’s right… there should be so little healing needed that it can be possible use two DPS/buff encounters while using DG as your main heal! DG works wonderfully on this boss as a group heal and buff/debuff because all your dps should be nice and stacked right behind Orcus. However, if your group sucks at playing dodge the evil poison balls, you may need to keep AS or BoH. As far as Daily ability, I use Divine Armor. This ability is excellent to use right before Orcus casts his big AoE and spawns the poison balls. (He doesn’t always spawn the poison. Sometimes he opens Rifts that dps must go into and fight or he may do the death orb phase where you must kill enough adds in the given time period.) This ability is very obvious, as Orcus stops attacking and puts his hands in the air. Before he finishes casting is the perfect time to drop your Divine Armor (I use Astral Shield here also if I kept it on my bar) on the group. If you do this, your group will literally lose almost zero health! If you don’t drop shields, your entire party will lose more than half their HP, but it is relatively easy to recover from (unless a team mate decides to get a poison ball to the face right after the cast x.x).

As I mentioned earlier, I like to use FF/BTS instead of AS sometimes for extra DPS and buff for group. When channeling Divinty, I like to use DG, FF/BTS then DG again or AS/BoH if tank is getting hit hard. Immediately after Divinty, I use FF/BTS with 3 stacks of Empowered for a nice group dmg buff.

As a side note, I feel I should mention that I think this boss could easily be healed as DO, but I haven’t tried it yet because I am more comfortable with AC. The same concept of using FF/BTS to buff DPS would apply for DO as well as using DG to heal/buff/debuff. 

Anyways, I hope this helps if you are having trouble figuring this boss out as a healer! Please feel free to leave your own tips/ideas in the comments! 🙂

Happy Gaming,



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