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NWPC: Getting 8400 ilvl

Awhile ago I did a short article on getting to 7500 ilvl, but people were still wondering what to do next, so I decided to do a short guide for getting 8400 ilvl.

After you reached 7400, you should immediately start running Epic dungeons. These dungeons give 390+ gear, with chances for Artifact Equipment and Companions. You should also have been running lvl 70 skirmishes as soon as you hit 70. The best way to get gear from these is to work on your Underdark Campaign until you unlock the ability to craft Keys, which are used to open the chest at the end of Skirmishes and Epic Dungeons. You can make one every day. Underdark is also a great Campaign to do to get 405 gear from the vendor there.

By far the fastest way to get good gear is by joining Private Epic Trial Groups, such as normal Demogorgan and Tiamat. You can not queue in the Queue System for these until 8400, but joining a Private group lowers the required ilvl by 1000. These Epic Trials give 396+ ilvl gear, and just like Skirmishes, give better gear for better scores and have a chest at the end.

While working on getting gear from Epic Dungeons, Skirmishes and Epic Trials, you should be Refining your Artifacts and Artifact Equipment. If you can fill all Utility slots in your gear with Dragon’s Hoard Enchantments, you should be getting a decent amount of Refining Stones and Gems. Don’t forget you can also use any 315+ gear as feeders for refining Artifact Equipment and any Runestones or Enchantments for refining Artifacts.

Another way that you can get good gear is by turning in your Seals of the Protector in Protector’s Enclave. The vendor sells 426 rings and gear that must be Restored. The Restored gear takes awhile to get all the mats to Restore, but is worth it in the end. You can get these Seals by just running Epic Dungeons and Skirmishes.

Another thing alot of people seem to forgot is you can get 420 gear from your Stronghold merchant using Guild Marks that you get from simply turning in resources to your Guild Coffer. The daily quests from the Stronghold give you a fair amount of resources to turn in. The simplest of these quests is the one you will get from the Cleric. He will offer a daily Skirmish or Dungeon along with a daily Epic Dungeon. Obviously, you won’t be able to do some of the Epic Master Dungeons since you need 8400+ ilvl to queue for them.

If you are still short on ilvl, make sure that you have at least all Rare Companions with one Epic and use left over 400+ gear for them or look for cheap gear on AH. Also, make sure you have all Rank 7+ Runestones. Remember, only your Active Companion effects your ilvl.

Lastly, if you still haven’t already, try to obtain Rare or Epic Mounts. You should only need one Epic and perhaps one Rare, but the more higher quality mounts you have, the better.(Epic mounts also give nice stat bonuses.) Fill all Insignia slots on all mounts with Rare or Epics.


  • Run Epic Dungeons, Skirmishes and Epic Trials
  • Refine Artifacts and Artifact Equipment
  • Buy gear for Seals of the Protector
  • Buy gear from Stronghold with Guild Marks
  • Get Epic Companion with Rank 7+ Runestones and fill other slots with Rare or Epic
  • Get Epic Mount/s and fill all mounts Insignia slots with Rare or Epic

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