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Neverwinter [PC]: How to Make Quick Astral Diamonds and How to Send Them To Other Characters

This is no longer the fastest way to make AD – I will be editing this post soon.

One of the things about Neverwinter that took me awhile to really figure out is Astral Diamonds (AD). It’s like most games except instead of gold, silver, platinum, etc; AD are your primary income as well as how you purchase most things for your account and characters. There is gold in Neverwinter also, but it really isn’t a big deal to accumulate. If you open your Inventory (“I” button), you will see several different tabs. The one labeled as “Riches” has a list of all your in game currency, including AD. You will notice an “Astral Diamonds” as well as “Rough Astral Diamonds”. Rough Astral Diamonds are what you will get from running Dungeons and Skirmishes, and you have to Refine them (which is free) to turn them into AD. Another way to get AD is by Salvaging rare (blue), epic (purple), or above gear that you get at level 70. Be careful to look at all gear that you receive at 70 before you Salvage it because items that are not Bound to Account/Character could possibly be sold on the Auction House (AH) for a larger sum of AD than what you would get from Salvaging. To sell items for AD on the Auction House, simply search for the item you wish to sell to see how much they are posted for. Then, go to Consignments and drag the item to the box. A recommended price will automatically come up, however you usually will have to adjust this price based off what the item is currently selling for. When an item sells, a small portion will go to Auction House and the rest will be mailed to you.

The easiest way to receive a reliable income of AD is to simply make sure you Invoke near a campfire at every chance you get, then run at least two Dungeons on all characters; as well as Skirmishes if you have time. Any character above level 12 can run the Cloak Tower, which is the best dungeon for farming AD on any character because it is very short and easy. If you are truly desperate for AD, it very well could be worth your time to level a few Alts to level 12 just so you can run Cloak Tower on them twice a day.

If you have ran Cloak Tower twice on all your characters and are still looking for more AD, then I suggest you take the time to run two Skirmishes on at least your Main character. This will give you even more Rough Astral Diamonds as well as rare or epic gear for Salvage or AH (or if you need the gear!).

Now, your probably wondering by now, what getting all this AD on all of your characters is good for… after all, usually you are trying to save up on just one character for a certain item. Well, luckily it is very simple to transfer AD from your Alts to your Main.

  1. Go to the Astral Diamond Exchange on the character you want to send AD from
  2. Go to the “Buy Zen” page
  3. In the AD box put in 50 for “Unit Price”
  4. In the “Zen Quantity to Buy” box put in however much AD you want to send divided by 50 (ie: I want to send 20,000 AD so I will put 400 in the Zen box)
  5. Under these boxes, it will show you how much AD you are “spending”
  6. Post your listing
  7. Log out of that character
  8. Log into the character that you want AD
  9. Go to Astral Diamond Exchange
  10. Go to “Listing” tab
  11. You will see the listing you created on your other character
  12. Cancel the listing
  13. Go to “Buy Zen” page again
  14. At the bottom you will see “Exchange Balance” with the amount of AD that you posted; next to that is the “Withdraw” option
  15. Withdraw your shiny AD and roll around naked in them in the center of the Protector’s Enclave!!! 😛

Happy Gaming,



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